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Welcome to The RiverStyx Hades’ Library, an unfolding world filled with possibilities for those willing to open themselves up to the experience of life from a different vantage point. Be forewarned, these experiences can be difficult and challenging—there is always a chance you may not survive the trip. I am Charon, your guide. As the boatman who transports all the souls of the dead across the River Styx, I will help you navigate your way through the watery tributaries of the Underworld. Come take a ride off the deep end at Charon’s Dock, or get a vision of the future from the Oracle. Keep coming back as we add new worlds to see: the River Acheron, the Furies, and terrible Tartarus . As you travel with me down the river, read from my musings that I’ve scattered throughout these domains over the past four thousand years and if you think yourself worthy, offer your own ideas, or ask a question by clicking on the envelope located at the base of the portal.

The ride across the River Styx is risky my friend, and there can be no guarantees for your safe return. However, I can promise that if you make it back to the other side, you will not step from this boat the same person. Relax, explore and allow the Specter of Death and Transformation to smile upon you as you progress on your journey.


Ontic Descent

My Favorite Tao

Riding with Charon

Stories and Selections

Ashtavakra Gita – Abridged

Gently Down the Stream

The Muses of River Styx (By Realm)

The Falls
Starting Point | Already Dead | That “You” | Instruction Manual | Elegant Departure | What’s It All About, Alfie?

Cave of Persephone
Story of Persephone | Life As A Banquet | Paint By Numbers | Death Forces Us | Plus Ca Change | Ignore-ance

Hades Gate
Matters or Matters Not | When You Arrive | A Human Sacrifice | Move It! | Glorious Separation | Icarus Factor | Erasing Our Imprint

Hades Throne Room
Moment To Moment | Futility? | The Dance | Violence | Expendable | Forces in Our Life | Doing Just Fine | To Mean or Not to Mean | A Better Life | You’ve Finally Got It!

Are You An Important Person? | Complex Creature | Anecdotal Life | Perpetrators | Masterful Trickster | I’m Sorry | You Shall Be Erased!

The Wheel of Life | Fate of Prometheus | The Hanging Fruit of Tantalus | Life Sentence | A Horrible Truth?

Elysian Fields
No Future? | Mature Adults? | Disillusionment | Moment to Moment | Everything Animate | Enlightenment | Wonder & Magic | Blinder of Age

Where Do Humans Really Live? | Remainder of You? | The “Human Potential Movement” | Ground Hog Time | Bless the Children | Fever Dream | Menehunes | A Radical Idea | Cloud Cover

The “B” Movie Theater | Autopia | Around and Around | The Merry-Go Round | Directing our Own Movie | Greedy Entrepreneurs | Remembering | Our Puritan Culture | A Reason To Be | A Quality Difference | Spending Your Life

Cartesian Theater
Friend In My Head | Filters of Being | In the Game | Seeing the Matrix | Drive Towards Unity | Imaginary Friend | Zarathustra Rides Again