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Welcome to the River Styx, a world filled with possibilities for those willing to open to the experience of life from a different vantage point. Be forewarned, these experiences can be difficult and challenging and there is always a chance you may not survive the trip. I am, Charon, your guide. As the boatman who transports all the souls of the dead across the River Styx, I will help you navigate your way through the watery tributaries of the Underworld. You're in Hades now, but explore the realms of Thanatos, the Elysian Fields, Limbo, the River Acheron, the Furies, the Zombies, the Cave of Persephone and the River Styx itself. Now that you've found your way across the river, discover the secrets of each of the Underworld's realms. Read from journals I've kept in these domains over the past four thousand years and if you think yourself worthy, ask a question by clicking on the icons marked 'Ask Charon' found throughout the Underworld. View others' questions and answers at the 'Ask Charon' bookshelf in this library.

In every world within the RiverStyx website (i.e. - Limbo, Elysian Fields, etc), there are hidden secrets (hint - you can click on them and some action will occur or something may appear).  Charon keeps track of how many hidden secrets you discover along the way. To see how well you are doing, visit Hades and enter the Palace. From there find your way through the secret passages until you find the secret monitoring station.

Once you have found all the hidden areas there is a special award awaiting you at the monitoring station in Hades.

The ride across the River Styx is risky my friend, and there can be no guarantees for your safe return. However, I can promise that if you make it back to the other side, you will not step from this boat the same person. Relax, explore and allow the Specter of Death and Transformation to smile upon you as you progress on your journey.

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